6 Best Drill Bits For Wood in 2020 – Top Picks & Buyer Guide

    Best Drill Bit For Wood

    Drill bits are great tools to allow you to drive screws and drill holes through wood and metal. Drill bits are a must-own for any contractor or DIY specialist. But do not just buy any drill bits, as the best drill bits for wood are what you should be after. The best drill bits should come in a palatable set that is durable, easy to handle and does not resist to the material that it is known to drill; in this case, wood.

    In this review, we will be showing you to six popular sets of drill bits from companies such as Black + Decker, DeWalt, Makita and Craftsman. They all have some positive features, in addition to something you should look out for. Which is the best set of drill bits? We will show you at the end of our review.

    Our Top 6 Picks – Comparison



    Dimensions (P)

    More Details

    DEWALT DW1354 14-Piece

    8.8 x 8.8 x 1.4 inches

    Best Choice

    BLACK+DECKER 15557 10-Piece

    3 x 4 x 5 inches

    DEWALT DW1587 6 Bit 3/8

    8.8 x 5.9 x 0.2 inches

    Craftsman 100 Piece drilling

    No Image

    9 x 3 x 9 inches

    Also Great

    COMOWARE Titanium Twist Drill Bit Set

    8 x 6.3 x 0.5 inches

    Makita T-01725 Contractor

    12.5 x 2 x 9.5 inches

    Top Pick

    What is drill bit for wood?

    A drill bit is a hard, metal tool that you attach to a power drill in order for the drill to use screws and create holes in wood and metal. Drill bits have long, cylinder corkscrew shapes that effectively and professionally drills holes into wood without shattering the wood or altering areas in the wood where it is not intended to go.

    Drill bits come in many different sizes, but power tools and drill today can accept just about any sized drill bit by locking it in place. When you turn the power drill on and pull the trigger, the drill bit spins and with the movement this creates, the drill bit is capable of cutting wood within its diameter.

    Top 6 Best Drill Bits For Wood - Reviews - 2020

    Here is a list of top 6 drill bit for wood that is cost-effective, easy to use, and beneficial.

    1. DEWALT DW1354 14-Piece Titanium Drill Bit Set Review

    DeWalt is arguably the king of home improvement. In this pack are 14 drill bits that are made of titanium in finished in a gold. The set’s smallest bit is 1/16 inches and the largest is ½ inches. They all come in a plastic carrying case, and there are no duplicates.

    These bits offer a titanium pilot point for an extended life and this allows the bits to suffer less wear and tear over time. These bits also offer a tapered web that makes them less likely to break or split on the job.

    The holes that are created with these drill bits are very smooth and clean, thanks to the fact that these bits start drilling on contact.

    Not only can these bits drill holes through wood, but they can also drill through sheet metal, plastic and pipe easily.

    Along with this set, you get a 30-day money back guarantee from DeWalt. If for some reason you are disappointed with them, be sure to return them before the 30 days are up, and you can get refunded.

    Despite the efforts of DeWalt, the large bits are okay, but the smaller ones are more brittle. They can snap or break, and because there are no spares included, you would expend your one and only bit of that size until you buy another pack.


    • Are meant to last long.
    • Start on contact.
    • Can also drill through metal.
    • Comes with a carrying case.
    • Come with a money-back guarantee.


    • Small bits break easily.

    2. BLACK+DECKER 15557 10-Piece Drill Bit Set Review

    Black + Decker offers a drill bit set with fewer bits than DeWalt’s, but the set is a large percentage more affordable. The set’s smallest bit is 1/16 inches and the largest is ¼ inches. Each of these bits are made of “high-speed steel” and have a black finish to them.

    This pack of drill bits does not come with a case, but you can use the pedestal to put each drill bit in and store it in another case that you might already own. They go in order from the smallest bit to the largest bit.

    Despite how much this set of drill bits for wood costs, Black + Decker has also slapped on a generous 2-year warranty. It will not cover breaks from use with a power drill, but by chance that a bit falls apart the first time you touch it, you can be eligible for a free replacement.

    There is one thing to look out for, however, and that is that these bits have circular tips to them. That means that the drill bit cannot grip the surface before you pull the trigger on your drill. With that said, you will need to be super precise with there you want to drill your holes in wood.


    • Comes with a two-year warranty.
    • Are affordable.
    • Comes with a pedestal.


    • Not pointed drill bits.

    3. DEWALT DW1587 6 Bit 3/8-Inch to 1-Inch Spade Drill Bit

    Another pack of drill bits from DeWalt, these are rather spade bits. Spade bits drill in a different way from drill bits, except the holes that they can drill are much bigger in diameter.

    The smallest hole can drill ⅜ inches, while the largest can drill 1-inch holes. This is a pack of six bits that are highly affordable.

    Each spade bit has a Cubitron-like Regalite abrasive. These bits from DeWalt are made for performance and longevity, with a design that is intended to create new cutting edges.

    The nature of spade bits in general also make them less likely to break.

    These are spade bits that are quick to switch in and out as well, thanks to their ¼-inch ball groove shanks that make it easy for the power drill to latch on to each of these bits.

    The one problem that we have had with these spade bits is that they are not really centered. When the spade bit spins inside the power drill, the tip of the bit doesn’t necessarily spin, but goes in a small circle. What happens when you drill is that the hole you want will be somewhat bigger than intended and will have an irregular shape to it.


    • Are affordable.
    • Drills larger holes.
    • Are meant to last long.
    • Are easy to exchange in power drills.


    • Holes are not perfectly round.

    4. Craftsman 100 Piece drilling and driving kit Review

    This next set of drill bits from Craftsman gives you a whopping 100 different pieces inside of a plastic red briefcase. Included are 22 drill bits, 61 driver bits, 3 spade bits, 9 nut drivers, 3 drill stops, an Allen key and a screwdriver. All parts have their own designated space inside the plastic case.

    With this many bits, tools and attachments, you have everything you need for your power drill, and you can be well prepared for the next project. This even goes beyond typically drilling holes. The smallest drill bit is 1/16 inches, and the largest is ½ inches. Because there are a few spade bits, you can also drill holes up to ¾ inches in diameter.

    The drill bits that are included in this large set can be used to drill through not only wood, but plastic, masonry and metal. However, there are specific bits that are only capable of drilling one kind of material. There are black oxide bits, masonry bits and wood brad bits.

    These bits are not made for heavy-duty projects, but light duty projects. This is the typical Christmas or Father’s day gift for dad, but nowhere are these the best of the best drill bits for wood.


    • Are affordable.
    • Can also drill through metal.
    • Comes with a carrying case.
    • Includes more than just drill bits.


    • Are not the hardest.

    5. COMOWARE Titanium Twist Drill Bit Set

    This next set of drill bits for wood is brought to us by Comoware. In this set, there are 13 titanium steel drill bits finished in gold. The set’s smallest bit is 1/16 inches and the largest is ¼ inches. These do not come with a case, but they do have a pedestal for you to keep them all in one place.

    These drill bits are easy to switch in and out, due to the ¼-inch hex shanks that make it easy for the power drill to latch on to each of these bits. The power drill will securely hold each bit with no risk of them ever falling out.

    These are drill bits that can all cut into wood, sheet metal, plastic and sheet aluminum with ease. You do not need to but a special set of drill bits for each of your materials, they all can drill metal, and especially wood, very well.

    Each drill but has two flutes on it. These flutes make it so that the bit cools quicker after each use, preventing deformations to the bit and possible hazards as well.

    Like with the pack of DeWalt spade bits, these drill bits are not perfectly straight. The tips of these will spin and this will lead to uneven holes that are slightly bigger than the drill bit has intended.


    • Are meant to last long.
    • Can also drill through metal.
    • Comes with a pedestal.
    • Cool very quickly.


    • Holes are not perfectly round.

    6. Makita T-01725 Contractor-Grade Bit Set, 70-Pc [ Top Pick ]

    Last but not least is a 70-piece set that is from Makita. All 70 pieces fit inside a small, handheld case that is in the trademark Makita green-blue color.

    In this set, you get 7 hex drill bits, 2 wood brad drill bits, 55 insert bits, 3 magnetic nut drivers, 2 hex-to-square adapters and a magnetic bit holder. Each piece has their own space inside the carrying case.

    Each drill bit is coated with a black oxide that resists corrosion and rust. These bits are also heat-treated to ensure a long life from day one.

    The set’s smallest bit is 1/16 inches and the largest is ¼ inches. If you need bigger holes, the largest spade bit is ¾ inches in diameter.

    These drill bits are easy to switch in and out, due to the ¼-inch hex shanks that make it easy for the power drill to latch on to each of these bits. The power drill will securely hold each bit with no risk of them ever falling out.

    Not only are these bits compatible with power drills, but they can also be used for impact drives, whether a Makita product or a competitor.

    This is not an affordable set of drill bits, so there is a one-year warranty included with each purchase. The warranty will not be honored when you use them and they break, but rather if there are any manufacturer defects in instances where you can prove that the mishap was not your fault.


    • Are meant to last long.
    • Can also drill through metal.
    • Comes with a carrying case.
    • Comes with a one-year warranty.
    • Cool very quickly.
    • Includes more than just drill bits.


    • Is not an affordable set of drill bits.

    What To Look Before Buying Best Drill Bits for Wood

    Of course, not all drill bit sets are the same. With two competing products, you are sure to receive two different quantities, sizes and materials that make one product more favorable to you than the other. Here is what to look for before buying a drill bit set for wood.

    Quantity And Quality

    Of course, many drill bits come in sets of varying sizes. A set of drill bits will either prioritize in quality or quantity. To know if a drill bit set is of high or low quality, look at a few signs on the packaging or in the product description, if you are viewing a drill bit set online.

    If a set of drill bits come in varying sizes and each of them are unique from one another, meaning there are no duplicates, you can tell that it likely prioritizes in quality. If a set of drill bits has two, three or even more duplicates of each size that you get in the set, then you can tell that the quality is not the best.

    This means that after using a drill bit for a period of time, it is only a matter of time before it breaks and you need to use a duplicate.

    There are pros and cons to both kinds of drill bit sets. Qualitative sets are meant to last longer per drill bit and have a long shelf life, but you get much less in a pack and you are out of luck in the case that the bit breaks. Quantitative drill bits are lower in quality, and they are not meant to last as long.

    But the fact that you get duplicates with each size that the set comes with is meant to give you more bang for your buck.

    Note: You may like our list of the Best Corded Drill - review & guide.

    Size Range

    If you are looking to drill holes of all kinds of sizes, it is necessary to buy a pack that covers a such a large range. However, more drill bit sizes in a pack won’t mean a more diverse range of drill bits. A set could cover various sizes and not even come close to the size that you need or prefer.

    That is why it is important to review all the sizes that a set comes with so that you can make an informed decision on the drill bit set that is best for you.

    What are the Benefits of Drill Bits For Wood?

    Compared to other means of holding wood in place, such as with simple nails or Loctite glue, drill bits offer the best way to provide security and stability as the tool necessary to insert screws through not just the wood, but the object that you want it to bond to.

    With screws, this ensures that the wood will never move for decades, whereas using nails, the bond will get looser over time. Drill bits simply make it possible for you to drill screws through wood and metal.

    For that matter, drill bits are one of few tools you can use to drill professional, round holes through metal and wood. There are many purposes for drilling straight holes through wood, such as building a wooden pencil holder.

    A drill bit is what you need to drill holes professionally and in a wide enough diameter. Using a hammer and nail simply isn’t possible for tasks such as this.

    What is also great about drill bits are that they are mostly affordable in bundles. You can purchase sets of 10, 20, or even more drill bits in varying sizes, and in some cases, you also get spares, so that you can keep using the size you need if the bit you are using breaks or wears out. Because drill bits are inexpensive, they are not considered a serious expense for any type of owner.

    Drill bits also do not take any time at all to drill holes one at a time. Compared to hammering nails, screws are simply faster and do not require much strength and effort from the user. Admittingly, super glue takes the least amount of time and effort to bond a board of wood to another object.

    What type of drill bit is used for wood?

    When choosing a Best drill bit for wood, the best candidates are flat, or spade wood bit, lip and spur bit, or a hole saw. You can also use masonry or step bit for this purpose. If you have none of these bits available, you can also use HSS bit for wood.

    Spade or Flat Wood Bit

    These bits are best if you want to drill through wood rapidly. You can usually find sizes from 6mm to 35mm with this type of bits. However, you need to be careful while applying pressure with spade bits. Too much force can create a splintering effect in the wood when the bit emerges.

    Lip and Spur Bits

    Lip and spur bits, or commonly referred to as brad point bits, are also suitable for drilling wood. They come as small as 3mm in size and can get up to around 16mm. Brad-point bits are also capable of handling plastic drilling without melting the edges.

    Hole Saw

    If you want to drill holes bigger than one and a half inches, standard drill bits are not going to cut it. Since you need high torque and power to push through the timber, small bits become obsolete. This is where a hole saw comes in handy. It features small teeth like a handsaw and is capable of drilling through a thick wood.

    Which Drill Bit is Better Cobalt or titanium?

    High Speed Steel or HSS drill bits can either come with a titanium coating or cobalt. There are advantages and downsides to both types, and each has its place in the toolkit. By looking at its uses, we can understand which device is more suited to the specific task.

    Titanium drill bits

    Titanium nitride coated HSS bits come with a high surface hardness. For this, it can penetrate through materials easily. Furthermore, it is corrosion resistant and can reduce friction significantly, resulting in a high life span. In general, titanium drill bits can last six times longer than a standard HSS bit.

    The main advantages of titanium drill bits are

    • Best suited for soft materialsLower price
    • Lower price
    • Long-lasting

    Cobalt drill bits

    This type of drill bit is capable of working in high temperatures. It specializes in dealing with abrasive materials like cast iron or treated stainless steel. Cobalt drill bits feature a 135-degree split point that significantly reduces bit walking.

    The main advantage of Cobalt drill bits are

    • High resistance
    • Durable
    • Versatile

    How to Use Metal Drill Bits for Wood?

    How to Use Metal Drill Bits for Wood

    Typically, a metal drill bit is meant to be used for drilling holes in metal. This type of bit is quite powerful and can damage the wood if not carefully handle. You can use it if you need to, but you should proceed slowly.

    The most notable metal drill bit for working with wood is center and spot drill bit. This bit marks a spot in the workpiece where you want to drill. Because of its sharp and pointy tip, it is easy to drop a mark on the timber without cracking it.

    Another viable option for drilling wood is the core drill bit. This type of bit can be used to make an existing hole bigger. You can also use a core drill bit to make a cross-section while cutting.

    How To Sharpen A Wood Drill Bit

    Drill bits for wood can effectively be drilled by either a belt sander or bench grinder. If you do not have either piece of equipment, we suggest that you take your drill bits to a professional and have him or her sharpen the drill bits for you. If you do have either of these pieces of equipment, you can save money by grinding these bits yourself, but you should be very careful when working with these machines.

    For the bit that you want to drill, first practice holding the bit in your hands in the way you wish to grind it against the wheel or sander. This is supposed to help you get your fingers in a comfortable position where not only would your skin be away from the surface of the wheel, but you would not unexpectedly lose control of the drill bit with all the friction doing on.

    Hold the bit at a 60-degree angle and dace the grinder or sander. Without turning the grinder or sander on, place the end of the drill bit so that it touches the belt. When grinding the drill bit, the fingers on your front hand are supposed to stay perfectly still and not move.

    The fingers on your back hand are meant to slightly turn the drill bit up, down and side to side so that all parts of the bit can get sharpened.

    If you feel comfortable with how you are holding the drill bit, turn the grinder or sander on and start to grind. By angling the drill bit up, down, side to side and also rotating the drill bit, you are certain to have a drill bit that is sharp, smooth, round and perfect for the next project in the future.

    If you are new to sharpening drill bits, it will take some time for you to sharpen them effectively and confidently, and we believe it really helps to practice in order to overcome any fears and doubts while working to sharpen a drill bit with the machine of choice.

    With all of this said, your hands will be very close to the sharpening surface. We strongly recommend that you do not wear gloves, however, as the grinder can actually pull you in if one of them get caught in the grinder or sander. You should, however, consider wearing safety glasses, as sparks and debris are sure to fly uncontrollably.

    Take a look at this interesting video to sharpen a wood Drill Bit

    Final Verdict:

    The best drill bit set for wood is none other than the Makita T-01725 Contractor-Grade Bit Set, 70-Pc.

    We feel that this pack is worth it solely because you get many different drill bits and they do have decent quality to them, as suggested by the retail price. Furthermore, all 70 parts are organized inside of a handheld case for storage and protection, and from what we can tell, each drill bit can drill holes through wood exceptionally well. That is why we choose this set from Makita as the best for your next wood projects.

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