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Best Drill Bits For Glass

All handymen have to work with glass at one point, whether it is every day or on an occasional basis. You likely know what happens when you typically try to drill a hole through glass: Either the glass leaves a series of unsafe cracks around the hole, or the glass shatters completely.

Luckily, there are drill bits that exist to specifically handle glass. You can drill holes into glass and find next to no noticeable cracks left behind. These drill bits are greatly appreciated by home builders, product manufacturers, remodelers and other construction-oriented personnel. They spare these workers the trouble of having to resort to contacting a personal welder to have holes blow-torched into glass.

He will be reviewing six best drill bits for glass from well-known companies such as Bosch, MTP, and QWork. We will analyze what make them great drill bits, in addition to pointing out what makes them not so great. At the end of our review, we will determine the best drill bit of them all.

Best Drill Bits For Glass Comparison And Editor's Choice for 2020

Product Name


Tip Material



Bosch GT2000 Glass and Tile [Our Pick]

Tile, Glass


5/16”, 1/4”, 3/16”, ⅛”

QWORK Multi-Material Drill Bit

Tile, Concrete, Brick, Wood, Plastic, Glass

Tungsten Carbide

6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm

Diamond Drill Bit Tools for Glass  [Editor's Choice]

Ceramic, Porcelain, Tile, Glass

Carbon Steel, Corundum


Aiskaer Premium Diamond Drill Bit

Glass, Shell, Ceramic, Porcelain

Carbon Steel

1mm, 2mm, 3mm

MTP Tm Diamond Burr Bits Drill [Budget Pick]

Glass, Metal, Stone, Ceramic, Plastic, Wood

Stainless Steel


30 pcs SET 10 pcs. 1mm 10pcs. 2mm 10 pcs. 3mm

Glass, Shell, Ceramic, Porcelain

Carbon Steel

1mm, 2mm, 3mm

Top 6 Best Drill Bits For Glass Reviews in 2020 

Here I’ve narrowed down them to Six Best Drill Bit for Glass that will satisfy you in so many ways.

1. Bosch GT2000 Glass and Tile Review

Bosch is certainly no stranger in the drill bit game. This set has four pieces, ranging from one eighth inch to five sixteenths of an inch. Each of them have stainless steel bodies with black arrowhead carbide tips.

These drill bits can drill through both glass and tile. They feel professional when you use them, and they drill perfectly round holes time after time. Examples of what you can use these drill bits for include installing mirrors, shower rods, cutting glass and more.

These drill bits are made of carbide, which are very strong as well as high in quality. Their heads are shaped to minimize stress, last a long time and prevent cracks in the applications that you are working on.

These bits drill seriously quick. This is due to Bosch’s patented geometry that minimizes the weight of the bits while still not sacrificing performance or quality.

The Bosch GT2000 claim to work with any drill that you might have. They work especially well with Bosch’s own drills, but the specific drill that you might have that isn’t from Bosch is up in the air. They might not work as efficiently, and this could lead to having cracks in your applications. The only way to know if these Bosch drill bits will work right is if you own a Bosch drill.

Why Should Use?

  • Can drill through glass as well as tile.
  • High quality bits that last long.
  • Comes with four bits.
  • Are highly efficient.

Why Shouldn’t Use?

  • May not work well with any drill.

2. QWORK Multi-Material Drill Bit for Glass

This set from QWork comes with five drill bits that range from 6 to 12 millimeter holes. These bits generally create slightly bigger holes than Bosch’s drill bit set, but whether this is a good or bad idea is primarily based upon how big or small you need your holes to be.

The arrowhead tip that is made of tungsten carbide make it easy to penetrate through hard materials. The threaded rods also ensure that each hole being drilled is perfectly round and polished in a sophisticated way.

These drill bits claim to drill through glass, plastic, wood, tile, and even stone, brick and concrete. These drill bits work especially well on tile. With harder materials, however, water must be used. Lubricated drill bits allow for smoother and more successful drills.

These bits are guaranteed to work on any drill that you might own, regardless of the manufacturer.

With a set of drill bits that claim to drill through anything, don’t expect them to last as long. It is very rare to come by to have affordable drill bits engineered to drill through concrete and can last a long time. If you need to drill in hard materials, only do so sparingly.

Why Should Use?

  • Can drill through various kinds of materials; glass included.
  • Threaded rods ensure perfectly round holes.
  • Comes with five bits.
  • Are highly efficient.

Why Shouldn’t Use?

  • Lubrication required to drill hard materials.
  • Quality is questionable.

3. Diamond Drill Bit Set Extractor Remover Tools for Glass 

This drill bit set from SQB comes with 15 different bits. These bits range from 0.24 inches to 1.97 inches; easily the largest range of holes for a drill bit set thus far. Each bit is made of carbon steel.

Why would you need to drill a hole for up to two inches in diameter? Perhaps you might need to design some elaborate decor with a bar going through the application, or you need to have a bundle of cable that travel through one or more walls. You will never know when you will need a hole that big through glass, of all materials.

How do they work? They don’t work like your conventional arrowhead bits that drill. The ends of these bits have rims that are coated in corundum, a hard diamond-like substance. Think of it as sticking a cup down into sand with the top facing down. These rims are razor sharp.

Their carbon steel bodies are highly resistant of corrosion. All of these bits are engineered to last a long time. They will not rust, nor will they cave into acid.

There is a warranty for these best glass drill bits that last a total of 18 months. If any of these bits fail in that time span, you are sure to get a free new set if the conditions for the warranty are met. The warranty is void if the bits are proven to be damaged by human error, modified, or depreciated by wear and tear.

Despite their round appearance, the problem with these drill bits, especially their larger bits, is that they do not create perfectly round holes every time. You will notice a subtle difference in the shape of your large hole at times, and that is due to there not being much in the bit to really control it and keep it in a perfect circle shape.

If you would happen to be using these drill bits for designing purposes, there are one of a few things you can and should do to make up for the misshapen holes that one of the drill bits would create.

Why Should Use?

  • Comes with fifteen bits.
  • Can drill through glass as well as tile.
  • Can drill holes up to two inches in diameter.
  • Bits are rust and corrosion resistant.
  • Come with an 18-month warranty.

Why Shouldn’t Use?

  • Holes are not perfectly round.

4. Aiskaer Diamond Drill Bit Cylindrical Burr Kit Jewelry 

This drill bit set comes with 60 drill bits. 20 of them drill one-millimeter holes, 20 drill two-millimeter holes, and the other 20 drill three-millimeter holes. These are very small holes, and it is as if you have 19 different spares, making this set of drill bits rather disposable and not long-lasting by any means.

If you have not guessed already, these bits are preferred in jewelry-making. They are used to drill holes through shells, beads and stones for making necklaces, earrings and bracelets. They can drill through glass, stone, shells, porcelain, and other materials.

If you are not experienced with using these drill bits, you are expected to practice using them first. A couple will break once you learn how to properly utilize them. Despite being coated with diamonds, the diamond coating is rather thin.

If you are a jewelry maker, then these drill bits are perfect for you. For any other worker who is working on glass, don’t touch these with a twenty-foot pole. You will need better bits that can drill significantly bigger holes.

Why Should Use?

  • Comes with sixty bits; consisting of numerous spares.

Why Shouldn’t Use?

  • Holes are very small.
  • Only for jewelry-making.
  • Lubrication required to drill hard materials.

5. MTP Tm Diamond Burr Bits Drill Review

MTP also offers a 60-pack of drill bits. You get three cases of 20 bits, each has the same variety, so you get three of each. Some of these are not for drilling, but some are also for etching, sanding and carving applications. Like Aiskaer’s drill bits, these are not built to last, and are known to be disposable.

Each drill bit has a shank of an eighth of an inch in diameter. MTP claims that they can fit these into most rotary power tools from brand named such as Black and Decker, Craftsman and Bosch. They don’t explain how big you can drill holes with either of these bits, which may not be all that helpful to you.

These bits from MTP work god on metal, glass, ceramic, stone and other materials. With a powerful drill, you can turn it into a strong etching or carving tool.

The caveat to these drill bits is that they can be too small. For certain power tools, they will not be able to grip inside the power tool for being just too thin to use. One thing is for sure, and that these bits were designed for one power tool in mind, and it’s not similar to what many handymen have.

Why Should Use?

  • Comes with sixty bits; consisting of numerous spares.
  • Can drill through various kinds of materials; glass included.
  • Bits can drill, carve and etch.

Why Shouldn’t Use?

  • Hole sizes unknown.

6. 30 pcs SET 10 pcs. 1mm 10pcs. 2mm 10 pcs. 3mm Diamond Drill Bit

This last set of drill bits from Drilax is a 30-piece set. Ten of them have one-millimeter holes, ten have two-millimeter holes, and the other ten have three-millimeter holes. Like the previous two sets of glass drill bits, you get a whole lot of spares.

These drill bits drill very small holes. Like Aiskaer’s drill bits, they are specialized for jewelry-making. It can drill shells, beads, marbles, rocks from the beach, and more. These bits can also be used with dremels and flex shafts, in addition to your typical power drill.
You can even use these bits to carve small pieces of glass into unique shapes

These bits must also be soaked in water before use. Wet drilling is a must; dry drilling must never be done. These bits are also coated with diamonds, but these coats are very thin.  Furthermore, these also have ⅛-inch shafts, which can be just too small for certain tools to clench.

All in all, these are very similar to the Aiskaer’s drill bits, with the only difference being that you get very fewer bits. With that said, you can rule this set out, considering that they have very little to offer in regards to drilling glass holes.

Why Should Use?

  • Can be used with drills, flex shafts and dremels.
  • Comes with thirty bits; consisting of numerous spares.

Why Shouldn’t Use?

  • Holes are very small.
  • Only for jewelry-making.
  • Lubrication required to drill hard materials.

Factor to Cosider for Choosing The Best Drill Bits For Glass : Important FAQ

If you are not sure about what is the best drill bits for glass at this point, here are answers to questions that you still might have.

What should the right drill bit be made out of?

Drills bits that properly cut glass without it cracking or shattering are made of tungsten carbide, diamond or have diamond coating. All other drill bits are better made for materials such as wood, plastic and masonry. Selecting the right drill bit material is important because you want a drill bit that will harm the glass as little as possible.

That is the best size for a drill bit?

Drill bits can either be measured in inches or millimeters. Drill bits can typically range from one millimeter to over 50 millimeters in diameter. These sizes typically range in kits, and the one you need will depend on the project that you have underway.

For more precise cuts and small holes, small drill bits will be required. Larger drill bits will call for drilling holes into glass or creating rounded edges.

How many drill bits should I get?

Drill bits that are specialized for glass applications are not sold individually. At the least, you should expect to see glass drill bits in packs of four, and at the most in packs of 60.

Because do-it-yourself projects require a significant time investment, you should buy a pack of drill bits that are fewer in quantity. Unless each drill bit is unique inside the pack, the unwritten rule is that the more drill bits you have, the lesser of quality there is.

Buying four of the same drill bit in a pack will usually have more quality in each bit than one bit that is part of a pack of ten or twenty. Besides, it is significantly easier to use a bit that is sharp instead of one that is dull.

Should I get arrowheads or circular drill bits?

Circular drill bits are great for drilling holes and circles into materials. If you need wiring or pipework done, these bits will work like a charm. Arrowhead bits, on the other hand are great for smaller and more precious materials. Essentially, it all comes down to the size of your holes.

Don’t really expect an arrowhead drill bit to be over a centimeter in diameter, and don’t expect a circular drill bit to be below a centimeter, either.

Take a look at this interesting video on how to drill glass

Final Verdict:

The set of best drill bits for glass that we most recommend to you are the Diamond Hole Saw - 15 pcs Diamond Drill Bit Set Extractor Remover Tools for Glass from SQB.

This set offers a tremendous range of bits, the best in this review. Whether you want to drill holes that are large, or as small enough for jewelry making, you have one great bit for every type of occasion.

It’s true; The larger bits don’t work like most drill bits, but they still work great time after time. They are also resistant to rust and corrosion, as mentioned previously.The one thing to look out for is that these bits don’t create perfectly round holes.

But if you are a home improvement expert, you likely know a solution or two to fix this problem for applications as you do interior design projects. This is why this glass drill bit set from SQB is out number one pick.

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