How to Make a Drill Powered Water Pump – DIY Guide

    Drill Pump

    Having a flooded basement or needing to drain a pool can be a task. All you need though is a water pump, but they can be rather expensive to buy and run. I am going to tell you a great alternative that is a lot cheaper, but you will need to use your DIY skills. I am going to take you through all the steps that will allow you to make a drill powered water pump, which will get the job done just as well as a normal water pump would. There are 9 steps that have to be followed.

    Step By Step Guide

    These steps are rather simple if they are followed carefully, and there are plenty of videos online that can walk you through these steps. I have found it is easier to take a look at the videos before I begin my build just to get a visual idea. That does not mean you have to watch videos if you can simply read and build. If you don’t have time then you can purchase a drill powered pump from your nearest store.

    Step 1

    This very first step is an easy one, and it is where you get all your materials together that you need. The materials that you need to make this water pump are a white acrylic sheet, a metal sheet, a PVC pipe, a ball bearing, a bike tire tube, some nuts and bolts, and a corded drill that you do not mind being used for something else.

    Step 2

    In this step, you will be using the acrylic sheet and will need access to a skill saw and a marker. You will need to cut out the shape of a centrifugal pump, and you will need 2 of them. You will need to cut 2 circles for the inside propeller of the pump. If you do not know the shape, you can find it online.

    Step 3

    For this step of the build, you will need to have access to a hot air gun, and you will also be using the PVC pipe along with the acrylic sheet you cut previously. With the hot air gun, you will need to shape the PVC pipe and mold it into the inner shape of the pump. Again, this shape can be found online and copied.

    Step 4

    This step will involve you using the ball bearing, nuts, and bolts. You will need to attach the ball bearing to the acrylic piece that has the PVC pipe attached to it. You need to make sure your nuts and bolts are tightened all the way in order to keep the ball bearing in place. It is important that it stays tight and in place correctly.

    Step 5

    On this step, you will need to use the metal sheet, and you will be creating the propeller blades. You will need to create six blades, which you will attach to the round acrylic piece and signed them down with your nuts and bolts. After all of the blades are in place and tight, you will need to attach it to the acrylic inside the PVC.

    Step 6

    For this step, you will be attaching the inlet and put everything together. The inlet gets put into the piece of acrylic that does not have the PVC pipe attached to it. Then you will attach both pieces of acrylic to each other using nuts and bolts to hold them in place. Make sure the PVC is on the inside while the inlet is sticking out.

    Step 7

    This is the step where the outlet will be attached to the rest of the build. The outlet will be attached at the top end of the build where the PVC forms an opening. This piece needs to be attached using bolts, and the bolts will go into the acrylic sheets. This piece needs to be extremely tight because the water is forced through this piece.

    Step 8

    This step involves attaching the power source for this water pump, which is the drill. The drill is attached to your build through the ball bearing that is on the one side of the build. I have found it is easier to build a base out of wood to hold everything in place. Otherwise, the drill tends to fight staying in the spot it is needed.

    Step 9

    Now, all you have to do it use the tire tube to attach to the inlet and pool water through the build. Now that your water pump is complete, I would recommend to test it out on something small before doing the big projects. You do not want to try pumping a large amount of water and there be a leak or some other problem with the build.

    Final Verdict

    Now that you have completed the build of your drill powered pump, you can start using it. If you have a leak for some reason, you should check how well everything is attached. A leak should only happen with everything that is not attached together tightly. There is a chance that one of your parts it cracked, but it should not be likely. This pump is very strong and can be used on a wide range of projects, such as in a flooded basement. It is also strong enough to be used in a pool.

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