How to Change a Drill Bit on a Cordless Drill

    How to change a drill bit on a cordless drill

    One of the handy tools you can have in your toolbox is the power drill. Using such tools you are free to drill on materials such as wood, pipe, metal, or metal. The best way to protect the drill is through replacing bits and using the ones that are perfect for the task you are handling. Caring for the bits and drill means extending the life of valuable tools. Corded drill and electrical cord are not the same.

    Before we go further, here are some of the things you need to understand before you start changing the drill bit.

    Things to know prior to changing your drill bit

    How to Change a Drill Bit

    First, you need to know that a chuck is a piece that is located in the front of your cordless drill. The chuck holds the drill bit in place and has three jaw pieces that hold tightly together to loosen or tighten. Since you are working with the cordless drill, ensure your battery is fully charged. This will have it working better.

    To replace the drill bit on a cordless drill, you will need to follow these steps. There are two methods you can use to change the drill bit. It can be by closing or opening the chuck. Another way is by twisting of the chuck.

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    Open the chuck

    If you wish to loosen your drill bit, the best way to do it is to open the jaws of the chuck. Here are some steps to guide you through.

    First, press the drill function so you can swap the bit and then ensure that the button is in an overturn manner.

    The next thing you need to do after this is to ensure that you grip the hand of the drill and hit the trigger as you support the chuck amid the thumb and the index finger to slacken the jaws of the chuck’s jaws.

    After that, the last thing you will do is to discharge the bit by pulling out the bit. Having done that it is time to close the chuck.

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    Close the chuck

    Follow these steps to tighten or close your drill bits by use of a trigger. For your drill to work as expected, ensure it is powered. The next thing to do is to hold the power drill by hand and turn the trigger in an onward mode as it will open the chuck. After that, you will ensure to place the bit in the center of your chuck.

    As you hold the drill bit amid the middle and index finger, ensure that you support the chuck using the last fingers.

    The next thing is to pull the trigger, and this will cause the jaws to close just about the drill bit instantly. If the drill bit happens not to be parallel to the drill, things can go wrong. As a result, it might destroy the chuck’s jaws. You can avoid this by ensuring that your middle and index finger offer adequate support.

    Having done all these, you are now free to let go the trigger have your drill bit in operation.

    Method 2#: Wind the chuck

    You can coil the chuck counterclockwise or anti-clockwise. First, you will start with the opening of the chuck and ensure that your power drill is working on a wholly charged cell. Use one hand to grip the chuck and the other hand to seize the power drill. The next thing to do after that is to make the drill bit loose and the bend the chuck counterclockwise.

    This will enable the chuck’s jaws to open and thus you will take out the bit by pushing it out from the jaws.

    Secure chucks

    After the jaws get opened, place the bit in the center of the chuck’s jaws and ensure that the bit is not the border of the jaw. Push the chuck rearward towards you in a clockwise manner to enable the chuck’s jaws to close.

    Make sure the finger support the bit to prevent it from falling. Go on with tightening the bit then squeeze the function to have the drill bit straight and secure. The next thing is to free the hand from the drill bit and use your power drill on your task.

    Here’s a quick video How to Change a Drill Bit In Chucks


    Having read all the above steps, I believe you have seen how simple it can be to change a drill bit on a cordless drill. You may decide any of the above methods. Did you love this article on how to change a drill bit on a cordless drill? Well, we would love to- hear what you think in the comments below. It will also be nice if you share this article with all DIY fans you know.

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