How to use Hammer Drill | Step by Step Guide

How to use hammer drill

Drilling holes in concrete sounds like an almost impossible task on paper. In fact, the first thing that you think of is hiring a trained professional to handle the task for you. However, the task is not at all a hard one if you have the right tools in place. Today, the growth of technology has seen to it that it is easy to drill through more advanced and difficult materials.

One such invention is the hammer drill. If you use it correctly, you will notice that drilling through concrete is an ABC task. This article takes you through the details of how to use a hammer drill to the greater good.

7 Steps on 'How to Use a Hammer Drill'

Purchasing a Hammer Drill

The secret to getting the best out of hammer drill starts with purchasing the right one for you. Today, many companies manufacture hammer drills some of which we are familiar with while others are total strangers.

When purchasing a hammer drill, it is important to consider the brand. Look for a reliable one, and that can last for longer rather than going for the cheap ones that have less power and do not last for long.

I recommend that you opt for brands such as Bosch, DeWalt, and Makita because they are known for their good reputation and resilience. It is always wise to spend a penny more for a quality hammer drill that will keep serving you for longer.

Other factors to consider when choosing a hammer drill include the machine’s variable speed, hammering function, depth setting and power. After purchasing your preferred hammer drill, go through the manuals to make sure that you are familiar with all its functions.

Select a Quality Drill Bit

Having a quality hammer drill alone is not enough as you will need to have a quality drill bit for you to get excellent drilling results. You will need different drill bits to drill through different types of concretes, cement boards and cinder blocks.

Again, here I recommend that you opt for reputable brands such as Masonry Carbide Tipped SDS Plus Drill Bits or Masonry Carbide Tipped SDS MAX Drill Bits.

Just like the hammer drill, take your time to go through the manual guide to understand all the features of your drill bits.

Get the Sizes of your Drill Bits Perfectly

Depending on how you intend to use your drill bits and hammer drill in general, choose the right sizes of drill bits. For instance, if you want to use your hammer drill to make holes for plastic anchors, you will need drill bits of different sizes as compared to when you want to drill holes to feed wires.

Select the Right Depth

After reading the manual, you will notice that most of the harmer drills have their stop depth attached to them. However, in some cases, you might not prefer to use the depth gauge or your drill might not have the measurements. In that case, wrap tape around the area that you intend to halt your drilling process.

Concentrate on Holding your Hammer Drill the Right Way

What most people do not seem to understand is that how you hold your hammer drill will determine whether you will be successful in your quest or otherwise. For instance, if you fail to hold your drill properly, there are high chances that you will be left with a hole with a bigger diameter than you anticipated. Aim at creating the perfect balance before you embark on your drilling process.

When I started drilling, my instructor told me that I should always stand with my feet shoulders width apart then hold the drill in a firm position that would allow me to lean on it comfortably. With one hand, you should hold the drill like a person holding a gun with his finger on the trigger while the other hand should strive to keep the drill level.

The Drilling Process

This is where the real challenge is. However, the trick lies in making sure that the drill bit hits the mark and that the bit stays perpendicular to the surface that you want to drill. During the early stages of your drilling process, be slow in your endeavors until the moment when you have an establish hole where you can drill without the risk of slipping. From here, you can hit top speed until the moment that you acquire your target depth.

It is important to note that when you hit a very hard sport while drilling, do not force your hammer drill. Instead, remove your machine and use a masonry nail together with a hammer to knock off the hard part then continue with your drilling process.

Pro Tips

When using a hammer drill, using the pro tips below will help you get your work done faster and efficiently: 

  • Never use too much force when drilling, or you risk breaking your bit
  • Reduce the friction between the surface that you are trying to drill and your drill bit (caused by the heat produced by the bit when drilling) by pouring some little water on the area.
  • During the drilling process, consider removing your hammer drill occasionally so that you can clear up the dust that may have built up.
  • Even on the occasion when it seems like you can drill through concrete or brick with a standard drill, I recommend that you do not try that.
  • You can have another person holding a vacuum cleaner in the region below where you are drilling to remove the excess dust. This saves a lot of time because you do not have to keep pulling your hammer drill out.


While you can never tell when the need to use a hammer drill will arise in your home, it is advisable to know how to use the machine in the first place. In my case, for example, I focused on getting the right drill and drill bits.

Reading the manual was also very important as it helped to discover other features about my hammer drill that I did not know about. The pro tips that I have highlighted above are also critical in giving you the perfect result.

I hope that you have liked my article and if so, kindly give your comments below and do not be afraid to share it.

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